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Welcome to Delhi World School

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Welcome to Delhi World Schools, the best CBSE School in Chintal, Hyderabad, where every child's journey is celebrated and supported! Our commitment to nurturing young minds, fostering creativity, and igniting a passion for learning sets us apart. With dedicated educators, state-of-the-art facilities, and a vibrant community, we provide a dynamic and enriching environment for students to thrive. From innovative curriculum to diverse extracurricular opportunities, we inspire excellence in every aspect of our students' lives.
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Delhi World School
A gateway to success with our unique 5 E concept

Experience our scientifically crafted curriculum aligned with CBSE objectives. Our school setup ensures efficiency in meeting students' needs and creating memorable routines. Our expert teachers focus on quality teaching methods to inspire enthusiasm in every student. Through interactive and engaging learning methods, we aim for excellence in all fields of study.


Expertly curated CBSE curriculum program


An optimized school for everyday learning.


Skilled teacher professional community.


Engaging systems for motivated learning.


Students achieve captivating success.

Choose the top-ranked CBSE school in Hyderabad for Successful learning.

Join Delhi World School, the highest-ranked CBSE school in Gachibowli, Hyderabad, and provide your child with the best CBSE education. Apply online or contact us today!

DWS, Legacy For successful Learning

Delhi World School is a part of the Vidya Educational Society formed in 1990 by Dr. Nallapati Venkateswar Rao. 30+ years in the field of education has allowed us to explore and get updated with modern curriculum making education elite. Delhi World School follows the CBSE curriculum that encourages students to focus on overall personality building and holistic educational development. We shape students to become young leaders.


Foundational Years (Pre-Primary)

Multi-level, play/activity-based learning

Preparatory Years (Grade 1 & 2 )

Play, discovery, activity-based, and interactive classroom learning.

Middle Years (Grade 3-5 )

Experiential learning in Sciences, Maths, Arts, Social Sciences, Humanities

Secondary Years (Grade 6-10 )

Multidisciplinary study, critical thinking, and flexibility in the choice of subjects
At a walk through DWS
In the Foundational program, we offer multi-level play and activity-based learning to ensure a strong foundation for our students. This approach allows children to engage with the curriculum in a way that is both educational and enjoyable.

Early year’s Effective Learning
Planning & exploring
Active learning
Creative & Critical thinking

At our school, the Preparatory Stage focuses on play, discovery, and interactive learning. Our classrooms are designed to be activity-based, encouraging students to explore and learn through hands-on
We focus on foundational literacy and numeracy – where the skills of reading, writing, speaking, counting, arithmetic, and mathematical thinking are enriched with child-centered teaching methodologies -, with a robust continuous formative/adaptive assessment system to promote captivating results

The curriculum includes basic arts, crafts, humanities, games, sports and fitness, languages, literature, culture, and values, in addition to science and mathematics, to develop all aspects and capabilities of learners; and make education more well-rounded, useful, and fulfilling.

Playing in learning

Our Classes

With kindori, we always put the quality of teaching children first, please rest assured when sending children at kindori kindergarten.

Characteristics of Effective Learning

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Our Teachers

We have an excellent teacher to child ratio at our Kindergarten to ensure that each child receives the attention he or she needs.
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